Brand Alignment & Audit

Brand Alignment & Audit

The Brand Audit provides a comprehensive overview of the health of a given brand. It is based on the point of view that successful brands are built from the inside out. While conventional branding research look mostly at one audience – consumers – a complete Brand Audit assesses relationships with all of the important stakeholders of the brand, including both internal and external audiences.

We work with business owners and marketing & PR teams to fill gaps in knowledge, choose directions, and stay on track with new marketing programs. Our work typically begins with a comprehensive audit and is followed up with recommendations, Brand Strategy and plan.

Our BRAND ALIGNMENT & AUDIT service include:

  • Brand audits
  • Brand strength measurement
  • Customer journey and experience audits
  • Customer segmentation
  • Driver of choice analysis
  • Ethnographies
  • Online co-creation forums
  • Qualitative consumer insights
  • Semiotics


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