Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram Marketing Strategies

Jumpstart your Instagram marketing with these easy to implement strategies

Do you want to grow Instagram as a marketing channel for your brand? To do this effectively you will need to know how to grow your audience promote your brand effectively on the social network. In this post you'll learn the seven tactics you need to leverage for successful Instagram marketing. Depending on your experience with visual marketing,  you should be able to implement these tactics in under 2 hours.

1) Run an Instagram campaign

The first simple yet effective Instagram marketing strategy that you can implement is engaging user-generated content campaigns. What makes these campaigns simple is that you're tapping your community to increase your content sharing. Creating content to share from your brand’s account can be difficult but with the incredible value of user-generated content, enlisting your community for your content creation can be one of the most effective ways to build your Instagram marketing. UGC is best to showcase your brand in an authentic way by enabling your consumers to tell your brand’s story for you. But there are some details you need to consider when planning an Instagram contet. Whether this is your first time launching a campaign or you're a seasoned pro on Instagram, thinking through all of the steps that make a campaign successful can be difficult.

2) Analyze your Instagram activations

A successful Instagram marketing strategy depends on comprehensive measurement and analytics to understand the effectiveness of the promotion. This means that another necessary Instagram marketing strategy you need to leverage is Instagram analytics. Instagram can be a powerful tool for your marketing and a great way to connect with your fans. But only if you know how to do it right. You need know who the most active members in your community are, what content they’re all sharing, understand what content resonants with them and how this affects your overall marketing strategy.

3) Leverage Instagram influencers

Implementing influencers into your Instagram marketing strategy will help you reach a new targeted audience with your promotions. Today's influencers are the tastemakers of the social web, defining the experiences that your consumers are living and deciding the products that they will buy. Leverage this authentic form of promotion for effective Instagram marketing. Influencers amplify your reach by sharing about your brand to their followers.

4) Use smart #hashtags

Leveraging hashtags for your instagram marketing may seem obvious to even the most casual social media marketer but using these hashtags in most effective way isn't so obvious. Hashtags can be an effective way to increase the reach of your content but only when you're doing it right. With hashtag use, you can apply existing hashtags that your community is using to expand the reach of your content or create new hashtags that benefit your overall social media marketing strategy. When using existing hashtags, research the tags your community is using to understand what you should using with your content sharing. If you’re creating a new hashtag, consider the purpose of the tag you're creating in order to use it effectively. Often brands will create very specific tags for their Instagram contests that apply only to that specific promotion; alternatively you can create a general hashtag that will be used continuously by your community for additional marketing opportunities. Smart Instagram marketing will use hashtags, but only in ways that supports your content and doesn't distract your community.

5) Highlight User-Generated Content from your community

The beauty in visual marketing on Instagram is your ability to showcase your brand in an authentic way through the perspective of your most passionate fans. The best tactic to take advantage of this is by highlighting the user-generated content from your community. It’s the brands that leverage UGC who see the best results from their social media marketing efforts. Whether you're designing a new site or giving your current site a facelift, consider leveraging UGC to increase your community’s sharing and give your fans that added bonus of engagement.

6)Engage your community

Engaging your community on Instagram is a tactic that you can certainly get started in less than two hours but the long-term benefits that you'll see from the interactions will come when you continue this activity. Instagram isn’t a one-way channel for promoting your brand. If your goal is for your community to engage and interact with you then you need to be doing the same with them. Interacting with the posts your fans are sharing helps strengthening your relationship with them and also increases your visibility to their network. Reciprocate your fans’ passion for your brand by engaging their posts and the results will pay dividends. For continued success on Instagram regularly interact with your fans.

7) Get featured on the Instagram Explore Tab

The Explore Tab on Instagram is the top destination for marketers to get their content discovered by their target consumers. The Explore Tab works to surface relevant content to each member of the Instagram community. This means that your top priority is to make content relevant to your target consumer. You build the relevancy by posting captivating content that your audience wants to see while driving engagement from them. So your engagement needs to focus on not just gaining a lot of interactions but rather gaining the right interactions. Being featured on the Explore Tab is what happens from following the right practices with your Instagram marketing.

Each of these Instagram marketing strategies can be implemented in under 2 hours but the try success will be seen from continuously practicing each of these tactics.


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