Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google paid search or better known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is done through paying search engines a fixed dollar amount to display your ads with the search engine results. The search engine will charge you the fixed amount whenever someone clicks on your ads.

 What is Google AdWords?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) vs  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)



For instance, when someone searches "dentist in Singapore" on Google, the organic search engine results(in orange) is where our SEO technologies can assist your Web site in being more visible.  The paid advertising, or sponsored links(in green) are the ones prominently displayed above or beside the organic search results is a product of SEM.

Types of SEM Campaign

Types of Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

For instance,  you have a small but busy home repair business that earns the most revenue from air-con repairs. A "Search Network only” campaign type with “Standard” settings lets you skip all of the advanced settings and just target your ads towards high potential customers searching for air-con repair services. Read more from Google support "click here"


Success in SEM: What are the Key Elements?

1. Keyword Targets –  This requires in-depth analysis and price comparison in getting the effective Keyword.

2. Quality Score – More often than not, businesses overlooked this. Quality score directly affects the amount spent per click using your keywords, which means that improper monitoring will result in overpayment and misleading ROI.

3. Ad Copy – Ad copy is one of the most important components of a pay-per-click advertising campaign. While traditional advertising allows the advertiser to get their message across using multiple lines and paragraphs of text, pay-per-click ads have a very limited amount of character space. Google AdWords allows a total of 95 characters: 25 characters for the heading and 35 characters on each of the two lines.

4. Bidding Strategy – Through a strategic bidding, you’ll get the best chance at a positive ROI. Plus, you can save more money.

5. Landing Page – Landing pages are used mainly to get the words out and to reach out to as much internet users as possible. When done correctly, they can significantly increase business revenue and lift your brand. Its elements are title, picture, forms, logos etc.


Our SEM package includes:

1. Create a Pay-Per-Click Ad
2. Select keywords & negative keywords
3. Identify geographic locations for ads
4. Create landing pages for Ads if needed
5. Test each element to optimise the Ads for best performance



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