Corporate Website

Corporate Website



(Image: A Responsive Web Design & Development for Yah Motor Pte Ltd)

#1 Your website reflects you as a business owner and professional

If your web site looks professional, your potential clients will have a good impression on your company and have an edge over your competitors.  If  potential clients visit your web site and it looks half-assed and home-built that’s how they’ll perceive you.

#2. Because it establishes credibility

When you have a good website, it gives people a peace of mind about your business. Whether you’re selling a product or service, or simply providing information, it’s important for your business to have a web presence in order to establish credibility.

#3. Your website can generate media interest

If a journalist/reporter is looking for an expert in your field to quote for an article or an interview, he/she is more likely to choose your business than another who has a poor corporate branding. And as most of you know, a mention in the media can be powerful for your business!

Is your website Web Responsive?

If the term “Responsive Web Design” is new to you, don’t feel bad, you’re with the majority. It is simply this– a website design that adjusts gracefully to fit on desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers.

Ever pull up a website on your smartphone and it was just a very tiny version of what you would see on your desktop, so you zoomed way in, and then moved the website around and enlarged and shrunk it as needed to read text and click on things?

If you use a tool like Google Webmaster Tool, you could check if your website is mobile responsive!  'click here'

Infographic responsive web design

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